GreenGREEN - the TRUE "green" and non organic pallet
StrongSTRONG - 0.7mm to 3.0mm + thick steel
DurableDURABLE - Galvanized to last indenitely
WeightLIGHT & HEAVYWEIGHT - From 7 to 50kg
RecyclableRECYCLABLE - Infinitely recyclable without degrading the material
RepairableREPAIRABLE - Welded or rivitted for enhanced durability
EconomicalECONOMICAL - Short & Long Term Savings
AvailableAVAILABLE - Mass produced to Order in any size for any load


Extra Strong - Light, Medium and Heavy Weight, All Steel Galvanised Pallets
For general duty mass markets and niche markets

The basic design allows for any practical length, width and height requirement to suit mainstream or niche international and domestic markets and industry pallet sizes and loads.

Heavy Weight Pallets
Heavy weight pallets

Solidart Welded Pallet

Our objective is to provide the most economical complying re-usable lightweight steel pallet in the world. This means a unit cost slotting between the cost of the hardwood pallet and the repeat-use plastic pallet. Therefore volume has a direct effect on the purchase or acquisition price.

As an indication, one may see an equivalent daily cost of AUD 4-5 cents per day using a capital lease option, subject to interest rates, volume price, finance approval and terms.

The minimum order for the made-in-Australia pallet is 50.
The minimum order for those made overseas is 300.
Special pricing for orders in thousands.

The target market is closed loop operations local, regional, state wide or national. Ask for a quote.

The company will continue to be in innovation and development mode, always seeking to improve the products and services. This includes using composites and helpful non-steel materials.

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BBJ Pallet Inverters

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